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Frequently Asked Questions

The process of Age Care Training and placement can be confusing. We have put together some frequently asked questions to bring as much clarity as possible.

Web Page: Nurses
  • Does the candidate’s nursing degree need to be validated?
    Nurses need to complete a nursing degree in their home country and complete an OSCE exam once in the UK.
  • Will there be references?
    References will be obtained when completing the signup process – similar to an HR process. This will be two employer references and one personal reference. References will be sent prior to the interview if requested.
  • Is there a way to avoid wasting time in the induction process?
    Ed2Careers has links to an online and offline training platform to allow applicants to have access and learn prior to travelling to the UK and to also allow staff to continue to learn while at work. Zoom sessions are set up with providers prior to travel to learn about company values and give a thorough induction.
  • How long does it take to apply for a sponsorship licence?
    It can take up to 8 weeks to apply for and get an answer for your first sponsorship licence. This can be reduced when applying for your second. Alternatively, you can buy a fast pass for £500 to get your result in 10 working days.
  • Are there different salaries for different job roles?
    This is variable from location and will be discussed with the employers when completing the profile form.
  • Do applicants get background checks?
    Background checks are done differently in every country. Recruitment by AP understands this process and will complete full-background checks on each applicant. The Government website provides information on this.
  • How will the applicant’s rent be paid?
    This is down to the employer’s discretion and depends on the accommodation situation. The money could be taken out before receiving wages (shown as a deductible) or paid back to the home or other provider after being paid.
  • Do the applicants need a minimum period of experience?
    We accept applicants with various levels of experience and those part of the scheme run by Aston Brookes. We work with providers to ascertain how much experience they are requiring from potential candidates.
  • How does a sponsorship licence benefit an organisation?
    With a sponsor licence, organisations can improve their workforce diversity. A multinational organisation with a diverse workforce can easily work on cross-border projects. Also, a sponsor licence allows employers to bring new talents from different countries of the world. With an inclusive and diverse environment, employers can improve on their teamwork perspective. Besides, diversity in a company with strong cultural values will result in an innovative and more powerful work environment. In multinational organisations, there are demands for different skills. Some of these skills are rare to find. So, a sponsor licence will enable employers to hire skills that are in great supply in other parts of the world. With the sponsorship scheme, employers resolve the problem of the shortage of talent in their local environment.
  • How do I apply for a sponsorship licence?
    This can be done via the Government’s website. We have a specialist at Aston Brooks Solicitors to help support with this process and are willing to support at a reduced rate for Recruitment By AP clients.
  • Will the applicants be allowed to bring their relatives?
    Bringing relatives is down to the discretion of the home. If the care provider does not have enough space for accommodation, this can make the process slower.
  • How long does the whole process take?
    The process can take anywhere from 3 weeks (depending if the care provider applied for a fast track of their CoS) to 3 months.
  • What is the benefit of using a recruitment agency instead of recruiting on your own?
    Ed2Careers has partnership with Recruitment by AP and it links with specialist solicitors, Aston Brooke, in the UK, High-end recruiters in overseas countries and Highly trained consultants based in the UK to provide high quality and seamless hiring of overseas candidates.
  • What if the candidate doesn’t adapt to the care provider?
    Our extensive screening process is set up to prevent this, but if this unlikely scenario does happen, the applicant can be transferred to a different care provider with an intra-company visa, and the current CoS can be applied to another applicant.
  • How are the candidates are selected?
    The applicants and care providers will complete a profile form. This will then be run through a bespoke made system where it will match up the perfect applicants and care providers.
  • What documents will I need to obtain a skilled worker visa?
    These are all things Recruitment by AP can help with obtaining. IELTS certificate, (UKVI) version Police Clearance Certificate from your country of origin, copy of passports (main applicant and any dependants), proof of address, proof of COVID vaccination.
  • How many employees can be supported by that licence?
    This is all dependent on the size of the company and the amount of accommodation available. Usually 5-10 licenses will be provided at first. If there is a need for more then these will have to be applied for via the home office.
  • Would it be for the short or long term?
    This is dependent on what licence you would like to take, however, if you choose to extend then Recruitment by AP would be more than happy to help assist.
  • Who provides accommodation for the Applicants?
    The care provider will provide the accommodation. This can be provided in two ways. The care home buys the property and rents this to the applicant, or one of our welfare officers can help support with finding properties. In both scenarios, the employers will provide the first month’s rent to allow the candidate to settle in. Our Welfare team will work with the home to make sure the same genders are living together if there are only 2 bedrooms. (ex: 2 women or 2 men) to avoid sexual harassment. If the accommodation is not affordable, as this can vary according to the location, the care home is to support with the bills/rent.
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