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Our Core Team

Put Together by Harvard Business School Alumni

Amanda Alamshah



Amanda Alamshah is a graduate of Northeastern University, Boston, MA. She attained her degree in Entrepreneurship & Management in 2020. She has previously worked at Orig3n, a leading biotech start-up, as a Digital Marketing intern, and at Bose Corporation, an American manufacturing company of audio equipment as a Business Model Innovation Analyst, both in Massachusetts, USA. Being born into a family of entrepreneurs and taking her experience from America, she co-founded Ed2Careers in 2020.

Our Story

The mother-daughter duo

Geetanjali Alamshah, the founder, previously led one of India's largest MICE travel industries. With over three decades of corporate outbound travel spanning 80+ countries, she developed deep connections with international agents and served Indian corporates extensively. 


Her insights into the challenges faced by Indian travelers abroad— the English language, different accents, cultures, and behavior barriers—prompted a realization of the significant gap between Western and Indian cultures. Geetanjali recognized an opportunity within aged care due to the global shortage of healthcare workers aspiring to migrate for better prospects. Identifying "soft skills" as a critical impediment, she saw the need to address these gaps prevalent in today's world.

This gap profoundly impacts migration from India and affects both international employers and Indian employees. Overseas, Indian employees struggle to perform at their best, while their employers fail to maximize their potential, leading to mutual discouragement. Consequently, international employers hesitate to explore the mobility of overseas workers, hindering their scalibility and expansion plans. Indian employees, despite possessing exceptional technical skills, face limited job opportunities, restricted career growth, and diminished confidence.

Geetanjali's vision is to bridge these gaps, enabling both employers and employees to thrive in overseas careers

Her daughter, Amanda, joined her shortly after graduating from the United States in 2020, where she directly encountered these cultural differences upon moving abroad in 2016. Her own journey of adapting to a new country, its food, its people, its culture, its slang, and its overall way of life -  gave her profound insights into the challenges of adjusting to a different culture firsthand. Through her experiences, Amanda gained a deep understanding of the kind of training necessary for anyone planning to relocate overseas.

Together, Geetanjali and Amanda embarked on creating a specialized training program tailored for Indian workers. This program focuses on enhancing their soft skills, improving interview techniques, and providing specific training in dementia care. The aim is to ensure better job satisfaction, higher employee retention rates, and increased productivity in the workplace by combining these skills with their technical expertise.

This program is designed to help Indian workers not only adapt but thrive in their overseas roles, addressing the challenges they might face and preparing them for a successful career abroad.

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