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Mrs. Alamshah, popularly known as Gee, is a mother of two and a self-made successful entrepreneur. She founded the top MICE agency through sheer determination and went on to pursue Harvard's OPM program from 2016 to 2018 to grow as a leader and further develop her skills. She even attended a Jim Collins Workshop in 2019. Her passion for entrepreneurship and risk-taking continues to grow, and her quest for enhancing the overseas recruitment process in India brought about the launch of Ed2Careers.

Amanda Alamshah



Amanda Alamshah is a graduate of Northeastern University, Boston, MA. She attained her degree in Entrepreneurship & Management in 2020. She has previously worked at Orig3n, a leading biotech start-up, as a Digital Marketing intern, and at Bose Corporation, an American manufacturing company of audio equipment as a Business Model Innovation Analyst, both in Massachusetts, USA. Being born into a family of entrepreneurs and taking her experience from America, she co-founded Ed2Careers in 2020.


Top 10 Corporate Women Leaders from Delhi

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Transparency, Trust & Transformation

Training healthcare professionals presents numerous challenges. Lack of recognition for cultural and soft skill training, body shopping, and lack of trust transfer in direct marketing are primary challenges. Additionally, recruiters exploit desperate nurses, charge exorbitant fees, and provide work permits that lead to further exploitation. 

Ed2Careers provides comprehensive training programs designed to enhance the employability and sustainability of our candidates overseas for aged care, nursing & and chef positions for healthcare services throughout the UK & Australia. These services include providing training in accent, technical, and soft skills, conducting eligibility tests, and providing employer interviews. 


Our business model is based on our T’s - Transparency, Trust, and Transformation. 


Our mission is to enable individuals to reach career goals and transform their lives in a way that is sustainable. We train with a purpose. Does this individual have a learning curve? Do they have what it takes to not just work - but thrive in the country they migrate to? With a proper understanding of each individual’s skills and personality, we are able to connect and up-skill them with overseas employers' needs. 


Being in the business for a little over 2 years, we have 100+ happy clients who are on the path of starting their dream lives. Our candidates have experienced a significant boost in confidence, an enhancement in their language, and conversational abilities, and a higher sense of trust in the overseas process.


Our program enables individuals to be more aware before starting their journey overseas, and more prepared for the battles that come with starting a new job role abroad. Our training and assistance are designed for each individual to reach their maximum potential and aim for faster promotions and career growth overseas.  


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