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Value of UK soft skill and culture training: Preparing for Success in Your Role in the UK

In today's ever-evolving and highly competitive work environment, at Ed2Careers we understand the importance of equipping our candidates with a distinct competitive edge and a strong sense of self-confidence as they embark on their new journey as healthcare workers to the United Kingdom.

At Ed2Careers, we are committed to providing comprehensive preparation that goes beyond job placement so that our candidates feel confident and comfortable in the country’s work culture, societal norms and their healthcare industry knowledge once they arrive in UK. In order to achieve this level of readiness, we have forged a strategic partnership with Indago Development Training, a renowned provider of online learning programs focused on the long term employment sustainability of our candidates going to the UK.

Through this collaboration with Indago Development Training, we are able to provide our candidates with a completely flexible online course that is specifically curated to equip them with the knowledge and social skills they require to succeed as healthcare professionals in the UK. While this course is generally priced at £500, we offer our candidates this course at a highly affordable price as we recognize its importance in their personal development and preparation for this life-changing career growth opportunity in UK. Candidates are encouraged to take a week’s time to carefully study the materials and reflect on their learning. Post this, we give further clarity as required by our candidates.

The Indago Development Training covers a wide range of essential aspects, including in-depth insights into the following:

  1. UK healthcare system, GP registration process

  2. Important technical terminologies and procedures related to age care

  3. British culture, UK banking systems, UK lifestyle, food, UK geography

  4. Directions for GP registrations

  5. Directions for securing a BRP (British Resident Permit)

  6. Directions for setting up a UK mobile phone account

  7. Interview tips and guidance: How to impress your employers and increase chances of employability

  8. The course also focuses on enhancing our candidates’ collaborative skills, communication style, level of approachability and overall personality development

This is a compulsory training that is required by our UK employers and will highly increase your chances of selection so please make sure you invest your time and pay attention to the course contents!

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