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Bridging Cultures: A Human-Centered Approach to Aged Care Training

In the realm of aged care training, the conventional path often leads through textbooks and research papers, but at Ed2Careers, we believe in a different approach – one rooted in authentic human interactions. Our mission is to prepare Indian participants for aged care jobs overseas, not just by teaching them skills, but by immersing them in the heart of British culture.

Central to our methodology is the emphasis on person-centered care. We understand that caring for the elderly goes beyond mere tasks; it's about fostering meaningful connections and understanding individual needs. Our UK based, Indago Development trainers bring a wealth of cultural insight, facilitating interactions that transcend norms and textbooks.

dicussion on aged care
Jason Carder with the January 2024 candidates

Education practice lead, Jason Carder of Indago Development describes the course as an opportunity to “nurture people into the understanding that a person comes first, not the illness”.  


He goes on to say “It’s about teaching that care is not just a job, but understanding that every action has a reaction and this is no truer than when looking after people with mental illness, brain injury or dementia. It’s about understanding that we don’t blame the illness, we don’t over-medicate to make things simple. We look at ourselves and our actions and their impact on those around us. Mealtime support is not a job. It's a special time, an intimate time, giving a chance to create special moments, which everybody in any care setting deserves. We want to nurture those who demonstrate they have integrity and teach them to be human and professional instead of having separate heads. The aim is to produce a workforce that can empathize, take time, and understand their own impact on others. We also aim to develop those individuals who are seeking to work in other countries and help them get started the right way.”  

At the core of our training philosophy lies communication – not just the exchange of words, but the art of genuine connection. Through everyday conversations, participants learn to navigate the nuances of British communication, gaining confidence in their ability to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

candidates laughing and bonding
Jokes are shared, laughter is heard, and bonds are formed

What sets us apart is the authenticity of our approach. We don't just teach theory; we immerse our participants in real-life scenarios, where jokes are shared, laughter is heard, and bonds are formed. It's in these moments of ease and comfort that stereotypes are shattered, and real people emerge, breaking through cultural barriers with confidence and empathy.

Join us on a journey where interactions are more than just words – they're bridges that connect cultures, reshape norms, and redefine the essence of care.

Experience the transformative power of human-centered training, where every conversation is a lesson, and every connection is a testament to the beauty of diversity.

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