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United Kingdom

About Indago Development

Indago Development addresses the UK's healthcare workforce shortage by providing tailored programs that bridge cultural and skill gaps for international care professionals. With a focus on language proficiency and leadership development, they ensure that care professionals are equipped to excel in their roles and contribute to the sector's sustainability.

Indago Development

A leader in adult social care across Devon, Somerset, and South Wales. With a focus on personalized support and positive disruption in healthcare, we offer safe and nurturing environments for those with varying needs, including dementia care. Our homes prioritize individual needs, creating a true sense of home for residents. Whether you're considering living with us or joining our team, we're here to help.

Evolve Care Group

About Evolve Care Group

RAP Affinity offers a tailored solution to the UK's social care workforce needs. Through innovative matching systems and collaboration with experienced partners, we address recruitment challenges and enhance retention strategies. Our approach benefits both employers and candidates, contributing to the sustainability of social care services in the UK.

RAP Affinity

about RAP Affinity

Aston Brooke Solicitors

A leading provider of proactive legal solutions based in London and Middlesex brings over 30 years of expertise to clients nationwide and internationally. Specializing in Conveyancing, Immigration, and Personal Injury, they are known for delivering quality services and fostering strong client relationships. Committed to client collaboration, Aston Brooke develops tailored plans and provides regular progress updates for effective case management.

About Aston Brooke


About New Beginnings Skills

A trusted recruitment provider in Australia, helping individuals find rewarding careers in the country's job market. They specialize in guiding through transitions like job changes, relocations, and skill development, emphasizing adaptability, resilience, and effective communication for personal growth and success.

New Beginnings Skills


About Eterna Intenational

The global mobility division of Eterna Group boasts a rich history dating back to 1928. Committed to the success of immigrant investors worldwide, they collaborate with immigration practitioners to provide tailored solutions. Their portfolio includes diverse global immigration programs, guided by experienced professionals like Chairman Pierre Olivier Tardif and CEO Pierre-Marc Lecompte.

Eterna International


Dynamis Global Consulting

A premier independent consulting firm with expertise in international business strategy and market access. With over 50 years of collective experience, they've guided numerous companies in successful market entry across India, S.E. Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America. Their diverse portfolio includes representing Governments and expertise in sectors like Energy, Clean Tech, Agriculture, and Technology.

About Dynamis Global


Artemi Hospitasls

Artemis Hospitals Gurgaon

Artemis Hospitals, our esteemed partner, is a premier healthcare institution known for its excellence in patient care and medical advancements. Collaborating with Ed2Careers, Artemis provides specialized vocational training for nurses and social care workers preparing for aged care roles overseas. With state-of-the-art facilities and experienced professionals, Artemis ensures candidates receive comprehensive training, preparing them for success in the global healthcare industry.

Voyage of Wellness

Voyage of Wellness (VOW) is a leading hospitality and MICE company, based at Artemis Hospital and Ashoka University. Our mission is to create memorable experiences, organize seamless meetings and events, and develop innovative products, all while maintaining a growth-driven organization with a client-centric approach.

About VOW
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