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In India: A2 Level Training

To ensure our Canadian cohorts are able to achieve A2 level fluency in French, Ed2careers has partnered with a French experts currently in France. We offer free Zoom lessons 2 months prior to the students departure to Canada. To ensure our students excel, we have decided to include material for both A1 as well as A2 level French. We strive to equip our students beyond the expectations of the college to ensure they are able to excel in their new environment.

Fluent in French, English, Hindi and Punjabi, our teachers are able to work with students of all cultural backgrounds within India and are proficient their teaching methods.

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Professional Teaching

  • Interactive assignments 

  • Group conversations in French

  • Quizzes and Tests (both verbal and written)

  • Excellent material for all the students to study outside of the classroom

  • Round the clock availability to clear doubts and answer questions

  • Feedback and check ins with students to track progress 

  • Regular evaluation through grades and personalised comments


In India: Sneak Peak

The students are connected to members of team Ed2careers, the professor as well as each other through a budding google classroom and a google chat group. This has helped build a community amongst all students spread across India and gain a sense of familiarity with one another before traveling to Quebec and beginning their journey at Cégep De Thetford. See what our students have achieved in 2 months of online French lessons!


B2 Level Training

Cégep de Thetford relies on an intensive learning mode of twenty six weeks, Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 3:15 pm to enable our students to master the French language and earn certification recognized by the Government of Quebec. In total, our students benefit from six classes per day in addition to several activities in the evenings and on weekends.



Learning Activities:

8:30 am - 10:15 am: Grammar

10:15 am - 10:30 am: Break

10:30 am - 12:15 pm: Conversation

12:15 pm - 13:30 pm: Lunch

1:30 pm - 3:15 pm: Laboratories, problem solving (situations), individual coaching

You'll have access to language labs and online learning software.

Once the classes are over, you can enjoy student life by participating in cultural or sports activities, outings and sightseeing or simply enjoying free time.

* The course schedule is subject to change without notice.

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