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As professional recruiters, we follow an ethical recruitment process that is clear and transparent. We meet the needs of both providers and candidates in social care overseeas.


Effective and Sustainable Recruitment

At Ed2Careers, we are committed to finding your dream overseas job. We follow ethical recruiting and training practices for successful interviews with overseas employers.

We have partnered with Recruitment by AP and Artemis Hospital, to rectify common challenges faced throughout the recruitment process to improve the system and develop an effective retention strategy. 



Our mission is to shorten the gap between global job vacancies and global job seekers. We enable individuals to get their dream jobs via upskilling, training, and migration opportunities. 

We strive to build a community of globally employable workers through the medium of vocational training and international certification.


We are committed to your career goals

  • Our unique placement system matches high-quality applicants to employers with the best compatibility overseas

  • Focused on sustainability in the UK, so you are prepared for what to expect during your employment.

  • Enhance your skills in empathy, teamwork, communication, adaptability, critical thinking, and time management as per foreign standards.

  • IELTS training at Artemis Gurgaon/ Zoom so you can train and work at the same time!

  • FREE NMC/ CBT/ OSCE assistance in the UK.


Let's talk about your queries. Send us a message and will be in touch within one business day.

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